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Fun & Creativity

Our children are our future, and we want to prepare them for their future with a lifelong love of learning, curiosity, and exploration. We embrace a multidisciplinary approach to ensure that our kids have multiple chances to experience and experiment with different activities.


Art offers young children an opportunity to explore colors, textures, and science. It gives them the chance to strengthen fine motor skills and hand strength. It’s an opportunity to be creative, to explore new ideas, and carry out plans.


Music is power! It increases positive attitudes and may decrease stress. Music offers children a healthy medium in which to express themselves in a fun and positive way.


Movement helps build underlying skills that aid in healthy childhood development. By adding movement activities to the preschool classroom, kids can learn letters, colors, numbers, and more while gaining the kinesthetic learning component.


Language development during the preschool years is important for the progression of children's cognitive skills and for their social and emotional maturity. Language skills (such as listening, comprehension and speech) are also important for the development of pre-reading and pre-writing skills, preparing children for literacy work at school. Adding a language such as Spanish or Sign Lanuage, may enhance those skills even further, and in return, best prepare them for the future.


Research shows that teaching kids early math skills from a young age can have a positive impact not only on future math outcomes, but also future reading comprehension skills as well. Teaching these concepts in a fun way using math stories and pegs for example, keeps children engaged and wanting to learn more.

Outside Play

Playing outside is beneficial for children in many ways. They get the sunshine  (vitamin D) that their bodies need to help keep their immune system working well, and helps with mood regulation and sleep. It offers exercise in ways that they cannot do in doors, and aids in their executive functions.  These are the skills that help us plan, prioritize, troubleshoot, negotiate, and multitask. Playing outside allows children to take risks, socialize and overall appreciate the nature that surrounds them.

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